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I'm a Vancouver based junior web developer and creative strategist. I recently finished the New Media Design & Web Development program at BCIT where I learned how to design and build websites from the ground up. I'm currently working as a freelancer and searching for that 'perfect fit' position on a team I can grow with. 

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My portfolio is currently in maintenance mode, but I didn't want to leave you hanging, so here are a few projects I've worked on >>>

Javascript Tutorial Site

This is a final project for one of my courses at BCIT. We were asked to create a mini-site containing three basic JS & JQuery tutorials. I had a lot of fun designing how a user would interact and learn from these tutorials. 

My site here >>>

Mini-site for Toyota 

My first freelance project I worked with a small agency called Haut Monde to create the Wordpress custom theme that became this site. I worked off of only 3 mock-ups to determine how the front & back-end would be laid out. 

Stage site here >>>




Jim Pattison Group 

One of my projects during my time at Invoke was to add a new page to an already existing website. This involved editing the custom theme, adding new data to the database, and ensuring the new page worked correctly with the rest of the site. 

My page here >>>



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